Hendrix College 1965 Dared Me

In 1965 I was at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas.

We had a Sadie Hawkins’ Day Dance coming up and the tradition was for the men to not shave. We had to have some sort of a beard going. Hey, remember Mitch Miller?

img_0687I really did not like going to college there. I had to live off campus. I had virtually no money, so I could not do what most of the other kids did, like have a Coke at the Student Sub. I had to wear hand-me-down clothes that my older cousin had outgrown, so my clothing style was out of current fashion. I had a girl friend back in Fort Worth and I was totally faithful to her. So, an upcoming dance did not interest me. And to make it worse, I didn’t even dance. Never had. It was against my conservative upbringing. Then there was the fact that we guys had to wait for one of the ladies to invite us. Sadie Hawkins’ Day was always like that. It was “Tradition.”


Australia won’t let me in.

I have tried repeatedly to get into Australia.  Those buggers at the Customs Gates are down right sneaky. They have all kinds of ways of tricky a person into getting rejected for entrance into  Australia.

This is the closest I have gotten so far. I tried to get on a Tourist Visa, but the pretty young lady at the counter kept asking me all these questions. Honestly, I thought we was kind of hitting on me. The more personal questions she asked the more I figured she wanted to hook up with me after work. She was laughing and joking about my interest in wanting to tour the Opal Mines. I told her I just wanted to see the holes in the ground and take pictures, just typical tourist stuff. She asked me how I was going to get out to the mines. I told her I’d call Uber.  She asked me how much money I had. I only had about two hundred dollars, not enough to claim. She asked me where I was going to stay. I told her I knew  man who was mining and  I wanted to stop in and visit him and see his underground home and mine. Then the sneak tricked me into admitting that I might try my hand at helping the friend pick some opal out of the seams. And no, he wasn’t going to pay me, exactly. I might get to take a few pieces of rough opal with me when I returned home.That  was my mistake. She cancelled my Tourist Visa because I actually intended to work for recompense in the mine. Well, they locked me up in a small room with a cot and a commode. Three hours later I was back on a plane back to the good old U.S.A.

I haven’t given up. I will be back. Just you watch and see.



Happy Thanksgiving to Absent Family Members

Thanksgiving Day was a time that caused me great consternation. It was one of the days of the year when I felt I should make phone calls to my biological children.As time passed, the girls found more entertainment back in Ohio. School events and family time kyyaking, playing at the family lake, band camps, etc, had more appeal than what we could offer.

The kids are all grown up. Now there are five grandchildren with busy lives, some of which are shared with the baby daddies, and step parents, and new siblings. Blended families, don’t you know.

My kids have grown into beautiful women, each successful in their own rights. I am proud of them, just wish they would communicate with me and Shelby. I even bought an Iphone 7 Plus thinking we could FaceTime. 

Instead, I find myself sharing deep thoughts and emotions with all sorts of Facebook friends on a regular basis. 

Today Shelby and saw the new Harry Potter movie about mythical beasts. Shelby had a breadless hamburger and fries. I had fried chicken strips and fries.  We came home and watched some movies. 

Tomorrow we will erect our Christmas Tree.That should be fun. 

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Nanny McPhee Returns

I just watched “Nanny McPhee Returns.”

I love this movie. I can rarely skip seeing it when it is on tv. I sat and enjoyed a wonderful cup of coffee and lost myself in the pranks of the children. As the wedding scene progressed, I felt the deep loss of my wife. I no longer entirely fight against the flow of tears, but let them out as a reminder of my loss. Sometimes tears feel good.

November Update

krusty_smoke_e0I don’t smoke. I don’t do illegal drugs. I don’t gamble. I don’t sit around watching sports all day. I don’t chase women. I avoid political and religious discussions. I don’t go anywhere.

Yep, my life is really exciting. I am facing up to that. I am ready to fire up my torches, bang on some silver and copper, cut up and saw a bunch of metals. Rocks are taking over my storage spaces at home and at my store. So, it is time to turn on the big saw and the trim saw. It is time to use the flat laps. It is time to turn on the tumblers.

The lilack bushes are dug up, the tree stumps are out of the ground, and the new fence is installed. So, if I can survive the upcoming colonoscopy and the prostate exam at my yearly wellness checkup, I am ready to redirect my life.

2017 should be an interesting year.