Happy Thanksgiving to Absent Family Members

Thanksgiving Day was a time that caused me great consternation. It was one of the days of the year when I felt I should make phone calls to my biological children.As time passed, the girls found more entertainment back in Ohio. School events and family time kyyaking, playing at the family lake, band camps, etc, had more appeal than what we could offer.

The kids are all grown up. Now there are five grandchildren with busy lives, some of which are shared with the baby daddies, and step parents, and new siblings. Blended families, don’t you know.

My kids have grown into beautiful women, each successful in their own rights. I am proud of them, just wish they would communicate with me and Shelby. I even bought an Iphone 7 Plus thinking we could FaceTime. 

Instead, I find myself sharing deep thoughts and emotions with all sorts of Facebook friends on a regular basis. 

Today Shelby and saw the new Harry Potter movie about mythical beasts. Shelby had a breadless hamburger and fries. I had fried chicken strips and fries.  We came home and watched some movies. 

Tomorrow we will erect our Christmas Tree.That should be fun. 

Merry Christmas to one and all.


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving to Absent Family Members

  1. I don’t put my Xmas tree up till Xmas Eve – same as when we were kids and dad would go chop down an oak sapling from along the river bank.
    Your family life sounds like mine – Just one ‘child’ of 23 that cares to call home where mum lives.
    Bah humbug Xmas.
    Happy Holidays Ron and Shelby – I think you two are doing great.
    You share outings.
    What more can anyone want.
    Not cool for my 23 yr old to share with mum.

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