Australia won’t let me in.

I have tried repeatedly to get into Australia.  Those buggers at the Customs Gates are down right sneaky. They have all kinds of ways of tricky a person into getting rejected for entrance into  Australia.

This is the closest I have gotten so far. I tried to get on a Tourist Visa, but the pretty young lady at the counter kept asking me all these questions. Honestly, I thought we was kind of hitting on me. The more personal questions she asked the more I figured she wanted to hook up with me after work. She was laughing and joking about my interest in wanting to tour the Opal Mines. I told her I just wanted to see the holes in the ground and take pictures, just typical tourist stuff. She asked me how I was going to get out to the mines. I told her I’d call Uber.  She asked me how much money I had. I only had about two hundred dollars, not enough to claim. She asked me where I was going to stay. I told her I knew  man who was mining and  I wanted to stop in and visit him and see his underground home and mine. Then the sneak tricked me into admitting that I might try my hand at helping the friend pick some opal out of the seams. And no, he wasn’t going to pay me, exactly. I might get to take a few pieces of rough opal with me when I returned home.That  was my mistake. She cancelled my Tourist Visa because I actually intended to work for recompense in the mine. Well, they locked me up in a small room with a cot and a commode. Three hours later I was back on a plane back to the good old U.S.A.

I haven’t given up. I will be back. Just you watch and see.




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