Hendrix College 1965 Dared Me

In 1965 I was at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas.

We had a Sadie Hawkins’ Day Dance coming up and the tradition was for the men to not shave. We had to have some sort of a beard going. Hey, remember Mitch Miller?

img_0687I really did not like going to college there. I had to live off campus. I had virtually no money, so I could not do what most of the other kids did, like have a Coke at the Student Sub. I had to wear hand-me-down clothes that my older cousin had outgrown, so my clothing style was out of current fashion. I had a girl friend back in Fort Worth and I was totally faithful to her. So, an upcoming dance did not interest me. And to make it worse, I didn’t even dance. Never had. It was against my conservative upbringing. Then there was the fact that we guys had to wait for one of the ladies to invite us. Sadie Hawkins’ Day was always like that. It was “Tradition.”


One thought on “Hendrix College 1965 Dared Me

  1. I can remember Sadie Hawkins Day in high school. Most of the guys couldn’t grow beards. You dressed like you figured hillbillies did – it was
    fun, and you didn’t have to ask somebody to go. Not too bad. Just fun being there………….

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